How To Download LDS Videos to iPad/iPhone/iPod

(And Play On A Library TV)

The church produces a lot of great and short video clips, ideal for the new Come, Follow Me curriculum. Unfortunately the streaming video ability in most church meetinghouses during peak hours is minimal. If you try to stream video to your device during class you're likely to have problems. A great solution is to download the video and show it offline with no reliance on wireless or 3G/4G. Easy, right?

Unfortunately I found this was anything but easy. The first time I touched the download icon on my iPad for an LDS video I realized it wouldn't work. All it did was play the video--it simply wouldn't download. So then I got to googling and chasing false hopes all over the place. There are some free apps that let you download videos, but they're not very stable or don't work well. And even when I did get one to work, when I plugged the iPad into my TV, all I got was audio--no video. I nearly gave up.

But then my wife discovered that the best solution is in plain sight: The Gospel Library iPad/iPhone/iPod app. I had used this app many times but didn't know it could solve the Apple device video download/replay problem. So here's how it's done:

First, download the app on your Apple device. The icon looks like this:

Next, launch the app and touch the Manage Library button at the top.

Touch Videos.

Choose any set of videos you want. I chose Youth: Come, Follow Me.

Touch and continue...

Download a video of your choice, or as many as you want. When finished, touch the HOME icon at the bottom left.

Back at the Home/Main screen of the app, touch Videos. Note: Do not go into Manage Library this time.

Touch Youth: Come, Follow Me.

Touch and continue.

Touch and continue.

Now you can play the downloaded video without any Internet.

At this point, if you have an iPad and you just want to use your device to show the video, you're done. But if you want to plug your Apple device (iPad/iPhone/iPod) into a meetinghouse TV, you'll need an Apple Composite AV Cable that looks like this:

One final note: Not all videos can be found in the Gospel Library app. For example it seemed there were some videos that weren't there. I was able to download those videos directly from the Bible Videos mobile app BUT the video wouldn't play on my TV through the cable (only the audio came through the TV). For any videos you download through that app, you may need to show those straight from your device rather than going through the TV.

Here is another approach I just found on YouTube, that shows you how to download the video on your Mac or PC, then use DropBox to play it on your mobile device. I don't know yet whether this will play correctly through the cable onto a TV.